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Most questions that you may have about auto glass repair and replacement should be answered here, but if not, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 303-991-7777. We’re here to serve you!

Privacy and Security

  • Is it safe for me to give personal information on this website?
    Yes.  All information is encrypted and secured.

  • Will you make my personal information available to others?

Service Information

  • Do you cover my area?
    We provide service to all of the Denver area and all Surrounding  Suburbs. Including: Brighton, Bennett, Kiowa, Elizabeth,Castle Rock and Franktown.

  • Can you come to me?
    Yes, we’ll be happy to come to wherever you are, whether it’s your home or office. We offer free mobile auto glass service throughout our entire service area.

  • What are your hours of operation?
    We’re available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Please contact us—either by phone or through this website—to make your appointment. We’ll get right back to you and confirm your appointment.

  • How soon can I get an appointment?
    Usually, we can schedule an appointment within 24 hours.

  • Do I need to wait while you repair or replace my glass?
    No, there is no need to hang around. All you need to do is leave your vehicle unlocked, and our technician will carry out the work while you spend your time doing something else.

  • How large of a chip or crack can you repair?
    Up to 6 inches or under the size of a half-dollar.

  • How long will my repair or replacement take?
    Chip repairs take about 15 minutes each and full replacements typically take 45 - 90 minutes with an additional one-hour safe drive-away time.

  • If you come to me, does my vehicle need to be in a covered area?
    Yes, if you have a covered area or a garage for us to work in. We do not install in temperatures less than 30 degrees. We also do not install outside if it is raining or snowing.

  • If my rear view mirror is attached to my damaged windshield, will the technician re-attach it to the new one?
    Yes, this will be included in your repair. Our technician will also try to remove and reaffix any stickers or other windshield items. E 470 Stickers will have to be reordered, because they are not transferable.

  • Will repair to my windshield be invisible after the repair is finished?
    We cannot guarantee this, as the primary purpose of any repair is to ensure the structure and integrity of the glass so that the windshield is 100% safe.  Repair, then—rather than replacement—may occasionally result in a slight imperfection in the glass where the repair has been made, but we believe that you will find this acceptable, especially in light of the money saved.

  • In case there’s broken glass in my vehicle, will you clean it up after the repair?
    Yes, we will vacuum away all of the glass pieces resulting from the damage caused to your windshield or door glass.  It is recommended that you vacuum your vehicle after install at a car wash or have your vehicle detailed.

  • Do you replace other glass for an automobile, too?
    Yes, we do. In fact, we can arrange replacements and repairs for most of your auto glass. For more specific information, just give us a call. 303-991-7777.

Payment Information

  • Will I get a full estimate before any work starts?
    Yes, we will always give you a full estimate before we carry out any work on your vehicle. Our estimates will include labor and the cost of repairs or replacement glass and any other materials that we need to use, such as new moldings.

  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, and you can pay with cash or a check.

  • Will my insurance cover the windshield repair?
    Yes, if you have comprehensive c coverage, then windshield damage (however caused) is usually included. You will have to pay your deductible, though, so check your insurance policy to confirm the details. Incidentally, insurance premiums are usually not affected by any claim that you make for auto glass repair or replacement.

  • Which insurance companies do you work with?
    Because our products and our work are of the highest quality and are fully guaranteed, we are able to work with nearly all of the auto insurance companies in the country.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Are both your glass and your work guaranteed?
    Yes, all of our auto glass products and labor are guaranteed against failure for the period that you own or lease your vehicle.

  • Are all your technicians qualified?
    Yes, our entire staff of auto glass technicians is fully trained and qualified to fit auto glass and make repairs.

  • What type of glass do you install?
    The glass we use meets or exceeds all federal and industry standards.

  • Who do I talk to if I have a problem or need information?
    If you have any kind of problem with our work or service or just want to ask us a question, then please call us right away. 303-991-7777. We are here to help.

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