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Can you handle my insurance claim for me?
Our Customer Service Team is an integral part of our Castle Rock mobile auto glass service, and they are there to take away all the hassles and handle your insurance claim quickly and efficiently. A member of our team will contact your insurance agent or company and verify your coverage and deductible. We do all the paperwork and, on completion of the work, we bill your insurance company. If you have a deductible, then you pay it directly to us.


Will you be able to work with my insurance company?
We are well known for the quality of our work and materials, so most of the insurance companies in the U.S. are very happy to work with us.


If you make an insurance inquiry on my behalf, will it affect my future insurance rates?
No, making an inquiry on your behalf is generally not considered to be making a claim, so your rates should not be affected in any way. However, just to be sure, you should check your insurance policy.


Will making a claim for windshield damage affect my insurance?
A cracked windshield doesn’t usually have any bearing on your insurance, as it is not a reflection of your driving ability and, therefore, not considered to be a risk factor for the insurance company. Consequently, claims for windshield repair or windshield replacement generally do not have an impact on your future insurance premiums. Again, however, we suggest that you check your policy wording to confirm this.


Will my insurance company pay 100% of my windshield repair?
If your windshield is repaired rather than replaced, then many insurance companies will fully cover your claim, with no deductible applicable. Please check your policy or ask a member our customer service team to help.


What if my insurance only covers liability?
This type of insurance will not cover you for windshield repair or replacement, as it is only provided to cover damage to other vehicles, not your own. Comprehensive insurance is the type that covers windshield repair or replacement.

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